Sunday, September 6, 2009

Praia da Ursa

I thought that Portugal could not dazzle me again, that much, with the beauty of another beach, but well....she dit it again :-) I found out accidently about it, then I forgot its name, and after a proper research I found it-it was like a hide & seek game.

I went there alone and what a luck-nobody that I thought about inviting to go with me would have wanted to climb down huge rocks and then climb them up again just to see a beach and to get nowhere.

My walk was silent - these are moments when I am so comfortable with myself that I wish I would never ever have to be distracted again by useless thoughts, people or events, and keep smiling in my heart.

To see the beach and step on its sand I made two attempts - one was wrong (I ended up in a puddle), the other was extremely dangerous-I saw stones slipping down under my shoes, decided that I want to continue to live and managed to climb up again. This is when I stopped, got my little notebook and stated to write-me looking at the blue sea, me on top of my world. Happy and serene.

The trip was beautiful and getting there I felt like all the dangers of the world have vanished and life was so perfect. I know it is, but still sometimes I like getting away from cosy and shinny me and wander around on the bitten path of black thoughts....and I do not do this alone-I take others with me too and for that, for them, I humbly apologize and send you all my love and these beautiful pictures.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aveiro-14th of July

This time I discovered an Aveiro full of art nouveau buildings, delicate and stylish.

and even ..... funny :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grutas da Moeda

I don't particularly like caves, this is because I love open spaces and light but I loved to visit Grutas da Moeda. They are not very far away from Fátima and were discovered in 1971 by two hunters who wer chasing a fox. Their luck :-) The cave is quite unique, it has galleries and chamers, all with their own name, of course having as inspiration (some of them) religious themes. Normally you are not allowed to take pictures but the guide told us that we can take pictures as long as we don't get lost from the group-nice Portuguese guy.

The cave has a legend that goes like this: "According to the legend, while passing through a thicket, round a small pit, a wealthy man from the area was attacked and robbed by a gang of culprits who killed him, as was common in those days. The body was thrown into the cavernous abyss. Due to haste, the thieves let fall in with the body the bag of coins that the victim was carrying and that they so longed for. Down the pit scattered the coins, never again to be recovered, giving the cave the name by which it is still known today".

Friday, July 24, 2009

Linda Ana Maria

Ana Maria is a delicate 10 years old girl who traveled Europe with her parents from the North of Romania to get to quiet and sunny Portugal just to be on my blog :-)). She is sweet and lovely and quiet and beautiful and she has this nice traditional Romanian costume that she wears every Sunday at church. She was so nervous during the football championship-where she had to be present-I held her hand, encouraged her and was grateful that I had the chance to pick her for the event without not even seeing her in advance. Linda, querida Ana Maria :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009


I woke up with this wish-I have to go visit Islas Berlengas close to Peniche. Got there (in Peniche) and no was too late, I was supposed to sleep there to be able to get to Berlengas and then....the waves were 3 meters high as they said.

So quietly started to discover Peniche-a city where Salazar had the most secure prison....a city where women spend their time making complicated lace patters and where people fish and enjoy the sun. I liked Peniche very much and was sorry I didn't have the chance to see it before.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009